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Our Vision.

“To be a world-class, student-led brewing team.”

Our Values.


We are open to new ideas.
We like to think outside the box.
We pursue sustainability.


We respect each other.
We value diversity.
We listen to each other.


We hold each other accountable.
We value safety highly.
We treat each other with fairness.


We work as a team.
We value and help each other.
We love to share our findings.


We seize every opportunity.
We like to be challenged.
We want to be the benchmark.

The Management Team 2024. 
Hamish Petersen_edited.jpg

Hamish Petersen

Team Director

Vaishnavi Maganti_edited.jpg

Vaishnavi Maganti

Chief Finance Officer

Jane Hantanto

Jane Hantanto

Chief Technical Officer

Jezkiel Danusastra_edited_edited.jpg

Jezkiel Danusastra

Chief Marketing Officer

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