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Monash BrewLab July 2022 Newsletter

Welcome back to the Monash BrewLab newsletter!



On top of a welcome break after exams, the team enjoyed a trivia night at Pixel Bar in Huntingdale and an industry event with two CUB alumni, Jamie Fox from Brewmanity and Andre Krogh. We've also been doing some behind the scenes preparations for the upcoming semester, conducting performance reviews for our last intake of new recruits, scheduling events and brew days for the semester, and organising the next recruitment round.



~ Lily Peng

Semester One brought the revival of the brew at home program which allowed team members to have the opportunity to learn how to brew beer. This was particularly aimed at inexperienced brewers. There was a healthy response from the team with 8 groups of two who brewed two of our core range beers, Citronium Pale Ale and the Stoichmetric Stout.

The program will be up and running again during semester two so for BrewLab Team members, so be sure to follow socials for updates on home-brewing!



~ Will Ripley and Matthew

In the past week Monash Brewlab has been undertaking a yeast analysis procedure involving the investigation of multiple variables including the inclusion of yeast nutrient, pitching rates and the investigation of the effects of top cropping vs bottom harvesting of yeast strains when investigated via numerous analytical methods for the detection of phenol and ester compounds.

Experiments such as these are worth pursuing, if not just for the final results, but also the experience and opportunity to get new members of the team involved in dealing with the many occurrences that happen on any given brew day. Future batches of beer will then be imbued with not only knowledge of ingredients, but also of efficient production.



~ Sachin Paul

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting an event in collaboration with the Monash Food Innovation centre termed a Beer Appreciation night by Rod Heath.

We were greatly humbled to have Andre Krogh and Jamie Fox who were both executives of Carlton United Brewery. Andre Krogh now working at Hort Australia and Jamie Fox running his own brewery, co-owning 'Brewmanity' with David Nietz, a former Melbourne Football club Captain! The night involved a tour of our brewing facilities, which left the CUB alumni in awe and opening collaboration and opportunities in the future.

We then got to listen to their journeys through the beverage industry. The team also got to ask questions about how to navigate the industry as well as the cool experiences they've had. The knowledge the team got here was invaluable.

We also had tastings and performed a sensory analysis of our Lamington Porter and our unique Michelada inspired beer!

A special thank you to Rod Heath from MFI, who got Andre and Jamie to attend the event as well as be one of the best MCs the team has seen!

Thank you again to those who were there that night. Special thank you to Monash Food Innovation (MFI) and Brewmanity for joining us.



BrewLab are now recruiting for semester 2, looking to fill some positions in our technical, marketing & design and events & partnerships teams. To learn more, click the button below to go to the Join Us page.



All Hands Meetings

All Hands Meetings will be recommencing next Wednesday 27th July where we'll be welcoming everyone to the new semester, sharing any update, and of course, trying a few brews. If you're interested in attending an AHM, please send an email to !

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