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Monash BrewLab September 2022 Newsletter

Welcome back to the Monash BrewLab newsletter!



Earlier this September, Monash BrewLab hosted Trivia Night at the Pixel Bar and Café. This event served as an opportunity for members and new recruits to meet and hang out with

others from different divisions. The trivia games challenged each team’s knowledge on general facts, pop-culture and music and showed their competitiveness and teamwork. The event was closed with a What do you meme card game which showed the interesting senses of humour of the members. This event was a great success and we'll definitely be running another event at Pixel Bar again.



A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

This week, we brewed a Biscoff Marzen to mark the celebration of Oktoberfest. This beer should have caramel notes and illicit a warming feeling from the Biscoff, giving the feeling of sitting by a warm fire on a cold night.



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer

St Andrews Beach Brewery's Strawberry Sour Ale

I am not drinking much beer at the moment, but have really been enjoying St Andrews Beach Brewery's Strawberry Sour Ale - really crisp and refreshing as the sun gets warmer and the days get longer.

- Aaron Sharkey



Beer & Beverage Equipment Specialist

Looking to brew up a little something for your friends and yourself but don’t have a lot of space?

Check out the 20L Fermenter King Junior Bundle from Keg King. It will give you space saving fermentation equipment at a great price. Add a picnic tap and you can drink your beverage creations right out of the tank.

Keg King are proud sponsors of Monash BrewLab.

Store Located 48 Smith Road, Springvale.

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