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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol. 1

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A WRAP UP OF OUR LAST 2 WEEKS The BrewLab team has had a busy fortnight, from starting our first brew to a team training and planning day. The team divided into two groups to spend our Saturday with our founding partners, Keg King and Grain and Grape, to learn more about beer and the brewing process. We were so inspired that we started our first brew the following day! Brew 000 allowed the team to become familiar with the equipment and kick-start our brewing journey. Brew 001 followed soon after. Both brews are currently fermenting, and the team are eager to see the results!

The whole team assembled for a training and planning day to develop our values, missions and objectives for the year. As a reward for our work, the team shared samples of our favourite beers. We learned about different styles and more about the brewing process after a presentation from the technical team.

Most recently, our team was lucky to catch some fabulous Good Beer Week talks delivered by Zoe from Totem Marketing and Mariella from Made With Moxie. It was exciting to learn about ways to build our brand and connect with our audience on social media.


Meet...Daniel Rojas Sanchez!

We caught up with Dan and asked him a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know him better!

Role: Managing Director and Internal Operations Manager

Studies: PhD in Chemical Engineering

What excites you about being part of the craft beer industry? "The fact that I will be directly influencing the brewing scene and what other people may drink is so exciting. Beer, its history, and its appreciation have always been to me an art, and now I have the opportunity to become one of those artists!"

Why did you want to join the BrewLab team? "One of the things in my life bucket list is to own and operate a brewery. For real, it's been in the list for a while now. So when I caught the initial spark of the idea "brewing" in the faculty, I was immediately determined to pursue the project and make sure it succeeded. Managing this team continues to give me invaluable experience that can hopefully bring me closer to having my own brewery one day."


CURRENT BREWS NEWS A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

The team is currently working on two simple brews: Brew 000 and Brew 001. Brew 001 is a pale ale style beer named 'FYPA', an ode to the final year research project involving this brew. Both brews are in the fermentation phase and are almost ready for kegging!



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

Cereal Killer from our very own BrewLab member - Shivan Tandon!

Cereal Killer brings chocolate notes from dark malts combined with madagascan cocoa nibs give this beer a yummy chocolate forward character. With rolled maize added in the mash, an almost corn flakey note follows. Meant to remind you of your favourite childhood chocolate cereal, this beer is breakfast in a glass!

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