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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol.10


Monash Brewlab is excited to announce its participation in its first competition! Two beers were submitted to Vicbrew, a competition run for amateur craft beer brewers. This event was a great opportunity to meet members of the craft brewing community and learn the ins and outs of beer-judging! Our Sweet Stout came in at 26th (Stout Category) and our Saison at 23rd (Belgian Ale Category) place! We are already brainstorming ideas on how to improve with the feedback that was given, viewing the event as a successful first attempt! 

To increase exposure and share the passion of the team, Monash Brewlab was part of the 'Monash Celebrating Engineering' Event at Melbourne Museum. This was a great opportunity to share the team's accomplishments and challenges with fellow engineers at the university. 

As always the team is continuing to experiment with new styles and flavours, this time with a New England IPA, or NEIPA. This brew has a whopping 580g of hops, which will give an intense hoppy flavour and aroma. Our "Hop Notch NEIPA" will be an exciting one to try! This brew also involved the team's first experimentation with Kveik Yeast, a Norweigian yeast that ferments at high temperatures (above 30oC), which is very unusual for yeast! Kveik is expected to be very efficient, so fermentation should finish much quicker than our previous brews. If you are interested in the recipe, click the link below!

Finally, Monash Brewlab has finalised its most recent round of recruitment, and will be formally welcoming the new members of the team this week with an event at Burnley Brewing! Congratulations to everyone that was selected, welcome to the team! 



We caught up with Sabrina and asked her a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know her better!

Role: Partnerships Officer

Studies: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

What do you love most about BrewLab?

"What I love most about BrewLab is that I am meeting new people and forming close bonds with people who I wouldn't have met otherwise had it not been for the BrewLab. Additionally I love that I am developing my soft skills and increasing my confidence which will be very important when I start my career!"

What excites you most about the Craft Brewing Industry?

"The craft beer industry is very community driven so it is exciting that BrewLab has allowed me to be more involved with this great group of people. It is really exciting that there is so much interaction between producers and consumers, with everyone willing to lend their own tips and tricks to help each other out. The industry also encourages experimentation and innovation which is challenging but also really exciting to be a part of - particularly being an engineer!"



A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

"Oops.. I did wit again" Wibier is has been kegged and is in maturation phase, while "Hop Notch NEIPA" is currently fermenting at around 30 degrees Celsius!  



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

Burnley Brewing's Coffee Brown Ale

This beautifully creamy concoction is such a favourite amongst the BrewLab team that we have decided to take the whole team to Burnley for an excursion! More updates to come on our favourites from these local brewing legends!

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