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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol.12


Friday was an important milestone for the team with Monash Brewlab's first Industry and Tasting Event! Members of the brewing industry who have supported and guided the team throughout the year were invited to see the Monash Brewlab nano-scale brewery, learn about the fantastic progress that has been made, and speak to the hardworking team. The night was also a great opportunity to get valuable feedback on the quality of the team's brews, with "Hella Ella" Pale Ale, "Double or NUT-ing" Brown Ale, "Stoichiometric" Sweet Stout, "Woops I did Wit Again" Witbier, "Hop Notch" NEIPA, and the Saison all out for tasting! While all the brews were a hit, the Brown Ale was a favourite with the team and guests. 

A huge thank you to our special guests from Burnley Brewing, The Public Brewery, Keg King, Bluestone Yeast, Little Creatures Brewing, Carlton & United Breweries, Hawkers Beer, and Monash Food Innovation. Monash Brewlab looks forward to future collaborations! 

The hard work and passion of the team is paying off, with "Double or NUTing" Brown Ale receiving second place at Brewcomp! This friendly competition was originally started by CSIRO homebrewers, running biannually for the 22nd time.  

The experimenting continues with a Citronium Pale Ale. This brew uses a variety of malts such as Pale Malt, Caramunich and Wheat Malt to create a complex flavour. However the star is Citra Hops, added at different times during the boil and post-boil to utilise the strong citrus profile of the hops. This will be a great brew for the warmer months. 



We caught up with Wanyin and asked her a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know her better!

Role: Brewing Analyst, Technical Department

Studies: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

What is your favourite part about Monash BrewLab?

"What I love about BrewLab is that I have the opportunity to learn about the science and engineering of brewing, and it allows me to apply what I’ve learnt in my course into real-life problems. Besides, I made new friends who are fun and passionate about beer brewing which makes the working environment in BrewLab very enjoyable. Last but not least, I also enjoy tasting our products, as well as receiving recommendations from fellow peers!" 

What is the most challenging part of your role on the BrewLab Team?

"The challenging part is developing our own calculators to be used during brewing. The process requires extensive literature review, validating formulas and calculations, as well as testing functionality and accuracy of calculators before they can be officially used by the team. Since we are called “BrewLab”, the analytical aspects and logical approach in data analysis are crucial for us to ensure the consistency and reproducibility, which also allow BrewLab to progress as a systematic brewery in the future."



A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

The Pumpkin Imperial Ale and Citronium Pale Ale are almost ready for bottling!



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

Hop Nation's Cobbler - Peach Sour

Hop Nation's play on the classic peach cobbler! It's a refreshing a flavoursome sour that has been fermented with peaches and vanilla!

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