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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol. 8


The Monash Brewlab team had the honour of meeting and learning from Chan-Sien Lay, an experienced brewer and senior research assistant in the university's Department of Biochemistry! Chan-Sien also has extensive experience in home-brew competitions and is an active member of Bayside Brewers home-brew club. Chan-Sien gave a presentation on yeast starters, yeast pitch rates, and the basics of fermentation.

Following the session with Chan-Sien the team conducted a sensory evaluation of Monash Brewlab's Saison. The team evaluated several commercial Saisons against the team's product, providing a great opportunity to learn about the style and identify areas of improvement.

The team was approached by Keg King to conduct an experiment on two different yeasts. As students who love science, the team used 'Summer Ale' wort kits supplied by Keg King to ensure accurate comparison of yeast productivity. This has been a great opportunity for the team to develop analytical skills.

A few members of the team presented a Monash Brewlab lecture for the cohort of a Monash Chemical Engineering subject - Grand challenges in chemical engineering: Delivering sustainable food, water and energy. As a team that is highly focused on sustainability this was an amazing opportunity to share the team's values and goals with the next generation of chemical engineers.



We caught up with Shivam and asked him a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know him better!

Role: Research and Development Officer

Studies: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

What is your favourite part about being involved with the Monash Brewlab?

"Being a home brewer for over a year, I felt like I reached the limits of what I could have learned in a home brewing environment. Brewlab provided me with the opportunity to take my knowledge and skills a step further by providing me access to sophisticated equipment and introducing me to new challenges that I wouldn't have ever faced as a home brewer. Be it conducting experiments for our industry partners or getting the chance to visit breweries to see how they operate, I feel closely integrated with the industry. Additionally, being able to work with like minded peers who share the same passion for beer only adds to the fun we have here at brewlab. I might not be completely industry ready yet but I feel a step closer with every day I spend working for Brewlab."

What excites you about being part of the craft beer industry?

"A new brewery opens up in Australia every 6 days! People take field trips to breweries; they have got apps on their phones that track the name of the beers they have had so they can compete with each other; craft beer in this day and age is essentially like 'pokemon go' for grown ups. There is a sense of community, a sense of hype that this industry has never seen before. The constant demand for “something new” has forced breweries to push the flavour boundaries. For this reason the craft beer industry is ever changing and will continue to do so, in order to put that distinctive product out and to meet the hype of the consumers. This translates to an ever existing room for innovation and as an engineer, that excites me! Who knows which beer will you be drinking in the next 10 years? A chardonnay barrel aged oatmeal breakfast imperial stout brewed with organic grains and hops grown on rescued farmlands perhaps. That will get you the bragging rights!"



A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

All our brews have been kegged and are waiting to be tasted! Our sensory evaluation of 'Hella Ella' and 'Knox Your Sox' will be very soon.



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

La Sirene Citray Sour

This Farmhouse Style Sour Ale is made with fresh oranges and is well worth a try for something fresh and exciting!

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