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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol. 3

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A WRAP UP OF OUR LAST 2 WEEKS A major focus of the last fortnight was developing the branding for Monash BrewLab. The team conducted a workshop where the branding and imagery of exceptional brewing companies was analysed and discussed, highlighting how different companies present themselves. The labeling strategy employed by the vastly different companies was also analysed, showing a range of simple to busy and bright packaging. With this activity as inspiration, the team have taken their first steps in creating Monash BrewLab bottle and can labels!

Group learning activities at our branding meeting - discussing different companies and strategies.


We caught up with Seb and asked him a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know him better! Role: Deputy Technical Manager

Studies: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

As part of the technical team, what would you say is the most difficult part of brewing beer? "I'd say the most difficult thing to get right is mashing properly. Getting the right sugars out and working out which temperatures work best for the beer you're making is an art and I need way more experience to get good at it." What is the best part of being involved with Monash BrewLab? "The best part about BrewLab is working alongside people who are incredibly talented and role models to myself. Everyone works so hard and dedicates themselves and it's really impressive to me, inspirational even. I look forward to being able to meet new and interesting people through it too."


CURRENT BREWS NEWS A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

With our Pale Ale "Calibration" still in the works the lab is having some much needed R&R whilst we all madly study for exams!



A showcase ofBrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Described as a bold, full-bodied Pale Ale with a deep amber colour and rich, complex, spicy flavours. Quite similar in colour and flavour to our Pale Ale "FYPA"!

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