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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol. 4

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A WRAP UP OF OUR LAST 2 WEEKS As study commitments came to an end with the completion of the semester, the Monash Brewlab team celebrated with two exciting brews! A Vanilla Sweet Stout was the team's first experimentation with dark malts, resulting in an incredibly dark and rich wort. The recipe featured whole vanilla beans and lactose for sweetness. This beer will be perfect for the cold winter weather! Next, the team brewed a Saison, a traditional farmhouse style originating from Belgium. This style excited the team due to the higher fermentation temperatures which should result in yeast driven and fruity ester flavours. The team are ecstatic with the progress that has been made and are so excited to share finished products!



We caught up with Gabi and asked her a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know her better! Role: Team Administrator

Studies: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

What do you like most about being a part of Monash Brewlab? "What I most like about BrewLab is being able to engage with fun and passionate people who likewise seek learning outside of the usual classroom while uniquely contributing to the team." Other than Brewlab and studying what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? "In my free time I really enjoy exploring the hidden corners of the city and I do lots of gardening too, my house is full of plants!"



A quick insight into the goings-on of ourlabover the last week.

With our Pale Ale "Calibration" still in the works thelabis having some much needed R&R whilst we all madly study for exams!



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Described as a bold, full-bodied Pale Ale with a deep amber colour and rich, complex, spicy flavours. Quite similar in colour and flavour to our Pale Ale "FYPA"!

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