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Monash Brewlab Newsletter Vol. 5

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A WRAP UP OF OUR LAST 2 WEEKS An internal sensory evaluation session was conducted to educate the team on beer tasting and learn how to evaluate our own beers. A few members organised a blind tasting with popular Pale Ales and Pacific Ales, with Monash Brewlab's very own 'Calibration' Pale Ale included! The sensory exercise was also used to teach the team about the two different beer styles and what flavours should be achieved in the team's brews. The sensory evaluation also ignited fantastic conversation about what direction the next iteration of 'Calibration' should take.

Dedicated to their craft, the team began brewing a new and improved version of our 'Calibration' Pale Ale at 8 am on Monday morning. To improve the malt complexity the team added Caramalt, Munich malt and Wheat malt. A mixture of hops was also used, including Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosaic, which should lead to a refreshing and summery flavour profile. During the brew day, the Vanilla Sweet Stout was also transferred to a keg. It will be ready to try soon!



We caught up with Dennis and asked him a couple of questions so that YOU can get to know him better!

Role: Business Strategy Team Member

Studies: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

What excites you about being part of the craft beer industry?

"The scene is exploding! The floodgates have opened to unleash a torrent of creativity. I believe the craft beer industry provides a relatively unfamiliar platform for the exploration of culinary tastes. It’s a beautiful thing when science is blended with imagination to create art: a tempest chipotle spiced extra porter with pickle undertones, or a nitrogenated crème brûlée imperial milk stout with subtle hints of coffee. Who knows what the team at Monash BrewLab will be conjuring up!"

Why did you join Monash Brewlab?

"When I first heard about Monash BrewLab, my eyes lit up. As most of us are chemical engineering students, we are in a uniquely wonderful position to understanding the intricacies of the brewing science, as well as the industrial production process. What an absolutely marvellous way to get involved in creating a product hands-on and learning something new! I was compelled to join, and it has been truly enlightening. Why hadn’t a student brewery been thought of sooner! Genius."



A quick insight into the goings-on of our lab over the last week.

Our Sweet Stout has completed the maturation phase and is in a keg waiting to be tasted! The Saison is still in the maturation phase, however should be transferred to a keg and bottled soon. Calibration Version 2 Pale Ale is fermenting, and should be ready in a few weeks!



A showcase of BrewLab's favourite beer from the week.

Blizzard Brewing Co's Bladerunner Belgian Ale

From the brewery located in the beautiful Dinner Plain this beer was one of our team members favourites of their range. A perfect ski season beer!

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